What Could Your Follow-Up Accomplish With The Right SYSTEM, ROUTINES, AND SUPPORT?

Discover how you can thrive in the right follow-up system, build prospect and customer relationships your co-workers will envy, and learn to take control of your pipeline, entirely online, and all for less than you probably spent on coffee this week.

What is Follow-Up Routines That Work all about?


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


""Matt, I wanted to follow back up with you to give you an update on my progress. I'm really implementing what you taught me, and to no surprise... it's working! I went back and looked and my pipeline has doubled, and I have a real chance of making that 3x in the next few weeks. If you ever have someone on the fence, send them my way. I would be glad to tell them why there is no one better in the banking world to learn sales from than you!""

Sue Ackerman
Vice President at Abby Bank

What's in Follow-Up Routines That Work?

Follow-Up Routines That Work features three modules, each designed to help you master a specific step in my award winning process. Each session features video training, a worksheet to clearly capture the information, a second worksheet to help you seamlessly transition each section into your day-to-day routines, an audio download, and a slide download for your future reference.

Learn how to STOP WASTING TIME chasing the wrong prospects.  Identify which prospects and customers are your biggest priorities and are deserving of your expertise and attention.

Learn my carefully vetted...banker tested...step-by-step approach for what comes next after you meet a hot prospect who is a "fit" for your ideal customer profile.

In the banking world it can take years to turn a prospect into a customer.  Learn my techniques for keeping relationships fresh and exciting year after year...for both of you.