Windshield Wisdom #76 - Three Reasons Your Appearance Matters


Before you start typing hate mail after reading the title, don't worry, this isn't going to be that kind of fact, do me a favor and watch the video before you pass judgement.  

I'm not going to be talking about looks on a superficial level.  Not even a little bit.  

Here's the truth behind this video, sometimes the way we dress or manage our appearance DOES have an impact on an interaction, and if you know when those moments are you're a step ahead of the game...and that advantage is what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. When we look good, we feel good.  Whether it's our favorite "game-on" outfit, or a fresh haircut, a little extra confidence to go with that spring in your step can go a long way.  

2. People are influenced by people who trigger traditional cues and clues that show them to have Authority, and the way you're dressed can be a powerful first impression with the authority...

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Sales Hack - Network and Meet People Who Matter


As a toddler, my middle child would roll off the couch, cry, climb back up, and then roll off again to see if it hurt as much the second time.  Eventually he learned that if he put a pillow on the floor it wouldn't hurt every time he rolled off...just on the occasions when he missed the pillow.

Which was more often that you would think.   

Cold calling is kind of like my middle child...eventually even he figured out the pain wasn't worth the reward.  

Fortunately, I found an easier, far more efficient way to reach prospects earlier in the buying process...and that's what this week's video is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. Making sure the right people are attending the same networking events you are can save you an incredible amount of time and energy connecting with prospects who matter. 

2. Making calls to prospects, customers, as well as Centers of Influence, and inviting them to the event so you can "buy them a drink" is a great, low...

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