Want Customers? Sometimes You Have To Climb Into Their Hole...

get it relationships value Aug 19, 2017

A Modern Allegory To Understand What They're Really Buying

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It's commonly said that customers aren't buying our products, they're buying us.  While sales is definitely a person to person enterprise, it's been my experience that simple analogy actually over complicates what our prospects really want from us.

In this week's Windshield Wisdom, I would like to share the story of one of the most extraordinary moments I've experienced in my 20 years of coaching sales people and teams.  My client learned a powerful lesson, and I gained a great story to make the point.

You see, it's always a big moment in my Learn Together classes and Grow Together Mastermind groups when someone recognizes our customers could care less about our education, expertise, or experience...at least no...

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My 3 Favorite Moments To Ask For Referrals

referrals relationships Aug 19, 2017

Referrals Don't Happen by Accident if You Know When to Ask

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Let's be honest, most of us treat referrals as these magical moments when we're handed well-deserved business by our adoring fans, who also happen to be our best customers.  Here's the problem with that antiquated way of thinking, it reduces the profitable art of growing through referrals to random moments that we don't have any control over.

Like Rudy Giuliani once said, "Hope is not a strategy".

In that case, allow me to introduce the required "strategy" for getting quality referrals not only consistently, but predictably.

That's right, you can make referrals one of the cornerstones of developing your business...that is, if you know when, and how, to ask for them....

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The Discovery Call Is Dead


Want to Close Sales Faster?  Rethink Your Approach to the Discovery Call.

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I admit "The Discovery Call is Dead" is a pretty strong proclamation.  After all, in my years as a sales coach I've been on hundreds of them.  The problem is I keep seeing some pretty entrenched trends in those that use it.  My experience has shown me 5 potential casualties when people try a discovery call...

  1. The information you gain isn't as deep.
  2. The relationships you build aren't as strong.
  3. The value you provide isn't as clear.
  4. The transition to the next step isn't as clean.
  5. The sale takes longer to close.

Now I would like to point out that you still need to go through a process that allows your to gather information, find your value and propose solutions, then ask for the sale.  For the last several years I've been...

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Stand Up! Save The Sale!


Sometimes There's Only One Thing You Can Do to Save the Deal

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I screwed up recently.

OK, so not just once (don't ask my wife), but only one time that you need to know about.

You see, I told a great prospect I would have a proposal to them by Friday. Instead I spent extra time calling with a current client on the other side of the state, and by the time I got home other things had become a priority.  It's inexcusable, so I did the only thing I could do.

A friend and fellow business owner made an uncharacteristic series of small mistakes that may have cost him a shot at a great customer last week.  For his (or her) sake I will spare you the details of their not so proud moment, but when we talked two things became clear.  First, they were...

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Patience vs. Pushy

follow-up relationships Aug 18, 2017

Patience Is Hard.  Knowing When To Follow-Up Can Be Even Harder

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I get asked a variation of this theme all the time, "How long do I wait to call/follow-up/panic with my prospect?" Here's the trick, as business owners we need to understand that every interaction has an outcome. Once we choose to take the initiative in determining that outcome, most of us will then save ourselves a lot of anxiety if we wrap things up with one easy step. Find your place of selling harmony and zen with this week's Windshield Wisdom.

Full Transcript:

I want to take a couple of minutes today to talk about something that seems to be continuously popping up over the last couple of weeks, and that is patience.  Now, I think we can all agree that patience has a pretty important role in sales, as well as in life.  It is probably one...

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Two Ideas for Dealing With Competition

competition relationships Aug 18, 2017

Two Ideas to Gain An Advantage Over The Competition In Sales

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If you don't have competition in sales there are likely only two reasons.

  1. You have an idea that is so cutting edge no one has come after it yet.
  2. You have an idea that no one sees a reason to come after at all.

In the first scenario, don't worry as you find success the competitors will come.  In the second...well...lets all observe a moment of silence, as well as apologize, for buggy whip makers everywhere.

Gosh darn fancy new fangled automobiles!

Here's the truth, there are people out there who want your customers, and more than likely you are after their's as well.  It's one of the axioms of being a business owner.  

As true as I've found that to be, then why aren't we better prepared to...

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Start Here For More Sales

relationships Aug 18, 2017

More Sales Today?  Try This Low Risk Strategy.

A few days ago I was asked, "What is one thing I can do today to make more sales?"  Truthfully I almost dodged the question, largely because I teach that there is no one magic bullet that will change everything.  Fortunately, I took a moment to really think about the "do together" sessions when I see people struggle and decided there is one consistent piece of advice I give.  Watch and see what I had to say in the form of a little Windshield Wisdom.

Matt Middendorp is a nationally acclaimed speaker and sales coach with over 20 years of experience turning connections into customers and advocates.  In 2013, Matt founded Sales Math, and debuted his “Formula for Success” sales training system to bankers across the country.  From the beginning, Matt’s clients have experienced learning that is fun, meaningful, and makes a difference in the real world.  Today, Matt’s core philosophies...

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Windshield Wisdom #3 - My 2 Rules for Out of This World Sales Follow-Up

follow-up relationships Aug 18, 2017
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What Do Sales and Pirates Have in Common?

relationships sales terms Jun 23, 2017

Allow me a moment to explain my thought process that led to the title for this post.  It’s about converging sales terms and a child’s sense of humor.

The following is an actual conversation between my 7-year-old son and I in the car last week.

Son: Hey Dad, what’s a pirates favorite store?

Me:  I give up what?

Son: Tarrrrrrrrget!  Hey Dad, what is pirates favorite restaurant?

Me: Long John Silvers?

Son: Nope!  Arrrrrrrbys!

You get the gist.  This went on for another 15 minutes, and we both came up with some pretty funny pirate favorites.

Fast forward to the next day.  I am training a new sales person at a local business.  We are working through one last role play for the day, when suddenly she stops, looks at me seriously and says. “What is with all the sales terms that start with the letter ‘R’?”  We spent the next 15 minutes listing as many ‘R’ sales words as possible and discussing the...

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