Did You Solve The Right Problem?

presentations recommend Aug 19, 2017

Solve Both Problems and Win More Deals

Did you like my Wisdom? Please share it with someone who is frustrated because they're making offers that aren't consistently winning their prospect's business.  - Matt


Experience is an excellent teacher if you take time to learn the lessons.

The big problem with that sentence is that most of us only try it when we've failed.

I would argue that there's more to be learned from our everyday wins than our epic failures.  Why did this customer choose me?  What about our conversations built a mutual trust and respect for each other?  How did I show my passion?  How did I bring out theirs?  And for the purposes of today's Wisdom, how did I articulate my value in a way that created a winning connection?

Here's the lesson a client and I learned recently.  The 3 P's are an integral part of the selling process.  You must understand your prospect's problems.  You must know the pain that's stopped...

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