Windshield Wisdom #79 - Embracing the Suck


Special credit to Cool Banker Ken for this week's catchy title.  The conversation was intense this week in the Banking Careers mastermind that I lead, with the role out of PPP, and some of the time, process, and customer challenges that popped up in the process. 

I was really proud of the discussion this group had.  They dug in together and focused on creating solutions to their frustrations...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Now is an extraordinary time to be a banker.  All of our customers are under some form of stress, and we're the gateway to a lot of the solutions.  The long days and nights we are putting in mean a lot to them.  

2.  It's our time to shine.  Cool Bankers are communicating through this process with their clients.  Sometimes calming nerves, sometimes giving the best information and timelines we have, and with luck giving lifelines that are keeping...

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Windshield Wisdom #78 - Are You A Grinder or Baller?


Right now there are two types of bankers in the world, grinders and least that's how it was put to me earlier today, and quite frankly I agree.  

We're living in an extraordinary time.  We're all in the same boat together, and yet there is no blueprint for what to do now, much less what comes next.

Here's what I do know, the people who are looking ahead, the bankers and business owners who are looking forward and blazing new paths through this difficult period, are the ones who are setting the trends everyone else will be racing to catch up to later.

So, which one are you? A grinder or a Baller...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1.  This is an extraordinary time in our society and in our profession.  It's ok to acknowledge that things aren't ok right now, and have those conversations with our clients and prospects.  Always focusing on being a source of reliable information and a...

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Windshield Wisdom #77 - What Do Your Customers Say About You?


Long ago, when I was first starting out… I learned the most important lesson of my career. 

It was a “meta” lesson and it was about my reputation and perception.

I thought about this recently when I was working with a client, and his entire personal brand was directly tied to the bank he worked for, and had little to do with his own value to their success.  

He and I sat down and discussed what he would like his customers to say about him, as well as did some research into what they're actually saying now...and that’s what this week’s video is all about:

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Whether you like it or not, you do have a personal brand in the marketplace you serve.  The big question is are you deliberately defining and influencing the perceptions others have of you, or are you letting it just happen?  

2.  Start by deciding what 3 words you would like your customers to use when describing you.  There are no...

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Windshield Wisdom #76 - Three Reasons Your Appearance Matters


Before you start typing hate mail after reading the title, don't worry, this isn't going to be that kind of fact, do me a favor and watch the video before you pass judgement.  

I'm not going to be talking about looks on a superficial level.  Not even a little bit.  

Here's the truth behind this video, sometimes the way we dress or manage our appearance DOES have an impact on an interaction, and if you know when those moments are you're a step ahead of the game...and that advantage is what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. When we look good, we feel good.  Whether it's our favorite "game-on" outfit, or a fresh haircut, a little extra confidence to go with that spring in your step can go a long way.  

2. People are influenced by people who trigger traditional cues and clues that show them to have Authority, and the way you're dressed can be a powerful first impression with the authority...

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Windshield Wisdom #68: [Case Study] Leveraging Your Personal Brand


I love it when I get emails like this from my banking friends...

"I have been in contact with the practice manager at the dental clinic – cool opportunity. I can guarantee you other community banks, Hell – big banks, are not doing this. This is a stepping stone for us – I know I can build out a platform to get in front of other practices, other companies and help with these topics. They want to compensate me – I will have them direct that to a non-profit so we help the community in the process as well. This is the part of the job I love!"

There's a great story behind this message, and an even better best practice that hardly any of your competitors are taking advantage of.  I wish I had done this back in my banking days...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1.  You have expertise, experiences, and stories that your best prospects would love to hear.  

2.  The trick is, some of...

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Windshield Wisdom #60 - 4 Reasons People Hate Being Sold To


Sales isn't a dirty word.  We covered that a few weeks ago in Windshield Wisdom #55 (She Said the "S" Word!).  

Yet like most of you, I hate it when the person who is supposedly here to "help" turns out to be...something else.

As a public courtesy, here's a short list of my absolute sales DO NOT's that will turn you into "something else" for your prospect faster than you can say "Prepayment Penalty".  

  1. Don't put words into your prospect's mouth.
  2. Don't change who you are because you have a goal to make.
  3. Don't assume what's important to you is important to them.
  4. Don't make the competition a bigger deal than they really are.  

Simply put, don't be THAT person...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Making assumptions about your customers and prospects almost always gets you into trouble.  If you don't know the answer to an important question...ask.  

2.  Your...

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Muskies Teach Sales Too


In case you're wondering how ideas like this happen...

I was in the middle of a mini vacation to our cabin in Northern Wisconsin last week, partaking in my favorite "Up-North" pastime of Musky Fishing with my 13 year old son, when I got a call from a customer who was in the middle of a vicious prospecting/follow-up loop that she couldn't seem to get out of.  

As it turns out, my boat was the perfect place to create a piece of wisdom that allowed her to find a prospecting solution we all can use...and that's what this week's video is about.  

Three Big Ideas

1.  It's not just enough to put yourself out there and network.  The biggest fish are found at specific locations...the "spot-on-the-spot".  

2.  You will find customers by working through the same sales process every time, but the number of big fish you catch goes up when that process is aligned with what gets their attention on that specific day. 

3.  It's not enough to...

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Windshield Wisdom #55 - She said the "S" Word!


Believe it or not SALES isn't a dirty word, even though we often treat it that way.  Like most things in the banking world, when it's done right and ethically, being good at sales has the power to change the lives of our customers and prospects for the better.  It's time to reset the discussion about the role sale plays in our success...and that's what this week's video is all about.

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Bankers who are good at sales don't get there by living up to the cliche, used-car salesman stereotype of "think fast, talk faster."

2.  Yet somehow, our perception of what a good sales person really is almost never matches a more realistic definition.  In reality, during the buying process rarely (let's be honest, almost never) is trying to manipulate someone into choosing your solution going to work.  

3.  The truth is, great sales results often comes from an individual's desire to provide extraordinary customer service, and that's...

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Sales Hack - Network and Meet People Who Matter


As a toddler, my middle child would roll off the couch, cry, climb back up, and then roll off again to see if it hurt as much the second time.  Eventually he learned that if he put a pillow on the floor it wouldn't hurt every time he rolled off...just on the occasions when he missed the pillow.

Which was more often that you would think.   

Cold calling is kind of like my middle child...eventually even he figured out the pain wasn't worth the reward.  

Fortunately, I found an easier, far more efficient way to reach prospects earlier in the buying process...and that's what this week's video is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. Making sure the right people are attending the same networking events you are can save you an incredible amount of time and energy connecting with prospects who matter. 

2. Making calls to prospects, customers, as well as Centers of Influence, and inviting them to the event so you can "buy them a drink" is a great, low...

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Are You A Business Card Ninja?

influence networking Aug 19, 2017


Did you like my Wisdom? Please share it with someone who isn't going all Ninja with their business card at your next networking event.  - Matt


I was meeting with a potential customer the other day, and came across a misconception I see pretty consistently in my classes and at networking events.  You see, when I asked this prospect where he's going to find new customers he boasted about the progress he has made in his networking efforts.  So, being a curious type I asked one more question, "How do you define success when you're networking?"

The response, "I handed out 20 business cards last night.  That's 20 more people who now know how to find me."

Not wanting to appear like an insufferable know-it-all at our first meeting (I usually save that for after the contract is signed), I dug in a little deeper.  "How often do you network, and is 20 cards going out a normal night?"

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