Want Customers? Sometimes You Have To Climb Into Their Hole...

get it relationships value Aug 19, 2017

A Modern Allegory To Understand What They're Really Buying

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It's commonly said that customers aren't buying our products, they're buying us.  While sales is definitely a person to person enterprise, it's been my experience that simple analogy actually over complicates what our prospects really want from us.

In this week's Windshield Wisdom, I would like to share the story of one of the most extraordinary moments I've experienced in my 20 years of coaching sales people and teams.  My client learned a powerful lesson, and I gained a great story to make the point.

You see, it's always a big moment in my Learn Together classes and Grow Together Mastermind groups when someone recognizes our customers could care less about our education, expertise, or experience...at least no...

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The Discovery Call Is Dead


Want to Close Sales Faster?  Rethink Your Approach to the Discovery Call.

Did you like my Wisdom? If so, please share it with anyone who is looking for a more efficient tactic to completely understand their customers – Matt


I admit "The Discovery Call is Dead" is a pretty strong proclamation.  After all, in my years as a sales coach I've been on hundreds of them.  The problem is I keep seeing some pretty entrenched trends in those that use it.  My experience has shown me 5 potential casualties when people try a discovery call...

  1. The information you gain isn't as deep.
  2. The relationships you build aren't as strong.
  3. The value you provide isn't as clear.
  4. The transition to the next step isn't as clean.
  5. The sale takes longer to close.

Now I would like to point out that you still need to go through a process that allows your to gather information, find your value and propose solutions, then ask for the sale.  For the last several years I've been...

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