Windshield Wisdom #50: Do You Know What Worked?


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It takes an extraordinary person to learn something new (from training, a book, a podcast, their mentor, etc...), and then go implement it...And that's what this week's video is all about. 

During my banking career, I developed a mental routine I ran through after each meeting so I knew what was working, what wasn't, and more importantly, what I had learned that would allow me to be better next time. 

Learn how to grow systematically in this week's Windshield Wisdom. 

Three Big Takeaways

1.  It's easy to learn new skills.  It's harder to know when to use them in your make them real.   

2.  To do that you need a thought process, a system, for evaluating your interactions with customers and prospects, so you can know what worked, what didn't, and what you've learned that could make a difference next time.  


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