What's Your Magic Number?


My MAGIC NUMBER is 3...What's Yours?

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You have goals.

If you're a business owner, they're usually related to revenue and profitability.

If you're a banker, they're usually production based (with a hint of portfolio quality hopefully thrown in).

If you don't have clear, actionable goals then we need to talk...but I digress...

You have goals, and for some of you those goals are challenging.  Maybe even to the point you aren't sure where to start.

For most of us, we're looking for a way to ensure that what we're doing is leading us in the right direction without wasting a ton of precious time and energy.


Here's my point.  In 20 years of leading sales teams, both in banking and business, I've found that most of us have a MAGIC NUMBER.  That one trackable metric that predicts our future success almost completely.

Your MAGIC NUMBER is important in that it can...

  1. Remove goal intimidation / frustration
  2. Allow you to simplify your path to success.  (If I do this...I will win.)
  3. Clarify profitability and productivity questions.

This week's Windshield Wisdom tells the stories of 3 individuals, and what finding their MAGIC NUMBER meant to them.

Make sales.  Be happy.  Be successful.

Thanks for watching.


Matt Middendorp is a nationally acclaimed speaker and sales coach with over 20 years of experience turning connections into customers and advocates.  In 2013, Matt founded Sales Math, and debuted his “Formula for Success” sales training system to bankers across the country.  From the beginning, Matt’s clients have experienced learning that is fun, meaningful, and makes a difference in the real world.  Today, Matt’s core philosophies of “Learn Together, Do Together, Grow Together” are taught through in-person coaching, online as part of the Cool Bankers Academy, and by his leadership of the Cool Bankers Club Facebook Group.  His clients are making millions based on the confidence and skills gained from learning a sales process tailored to their individual personalities and businesses.  For information about training and workshops visit www.Sales-Math.com, call (715) 897-0879, or email Matt personally at [email protected]

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