How To Lose Friends And Not Influence People

influence social media Aug 19, 2017

What Kind of Impression are You Really Making on Social Media?

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When I was 6 years old my tonsils were removed.  On the whole it was a pretty awesome experience.  I was allowed to eat all the ice cream and Jello I wanted to.  I think the Dukes of Hazzard was on TV.  My parents even surprised me with a Rubik's Cube to keep me busy for the overnight stay in the hospital (the year was 1981, and it was a pretty big deal...don't judge me).  There was only one problem.  In 1981, a Rubik's Cube didn't come with the steps to solve it, and my parents didn't spring for the solution book.

My tonsils may be gone, but emotionally the scars have never healed.

This week was kind of like that.  I started something that I'm really proud of and completely jazzed about.  Until I shared it with the world on LinkedIn, and all the wind was sucked right out of my sails.

Allow me to purge my pain and frustration by sharing with you the phrase that kept re-opening my wound.

It was simply, "Congrats on the new role!  Hope you're doing well."

After being repeatedly bludgeoned with the phrase, I found myself holding my throat and longing for raspberry Jello.  I found the Rubik's Cube I bought my son.  The one that came with the steps to solve it.  Almost catatonically I went to work.

Nope I guess the scars haven't healed after all...they were simply waiting for the right moment to be brought to the surface again.

Learn from my pain in this week's Windshield Wisdom.

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