3 Years In Business = 15 Lessons You Don't Want To Miss

sales success Aug 19, 2017

Ever Wonder How Owning a Business Changes an Entrepreneur's Outlook Over Time?

This week marks an important milestone for my business, Sales Math.  As of June 28th, 2016 I've been out of the banking world for 3 years.  It's terrifyingly crazy to think that on that day I walked away from everything I thought I always wanted in a career...good income, prestige, influence in the community...to see where a not-terribly-well-thought-out hunch would take me.

In all honesty, my wife tried to talk me into starting Sales Math 2 years earlier.  It goes to show once and for all that listening to your wife is the most underrated skill an adult male can develop.  If I had followed her guidance, we'd be celebrating 5 years today instead and have saved all of us a lot of trouble too.

Imagine my surprise earlier this week, when I sat down to think through everything I've had to learn over the last 3 years, to find out just how much has crossed my plate.

I thought I'd get lucky to maybe come up with 5.  Five took all of 30 seconds.

The next 5 took even less time than the first.  I made myself stop after 22.

In that spirit, here's 15 lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur.  For those of you brave enough to watch the whole thing, there's even a bonus idea from the live feed that came from a live viewer.  Good stuff!

Check out the full list down below.


  1. Surround yourself with smart, passionate people.
  2. Set aside time to learn for yourself everyday.
  3. Create the business you want.
  4. Plan for one direction, be prepared for another.
  5. Your business will consume you.
  6. Build your list from day 1, even if you can't imagine needing one.
  7. You will learn (and earn) your value with experience.
  8. Keep putting yourself out there.
  9. Solutions will come at the weirdest times.  Be ready!
  10. Your story matters.
  11. Celebrate your wins.
  12. Learn from your failures.
  13. Social media matters.
  14. Spending money is OK if you're investing in yourself or your business.
  15. Don't be afraid to turn it off.

Are there any lessons from your experience my fans should know about?  Leave a comment on the video to share your wisdom with the world!  You can also like the Sales Math Facebook page while you're there and jump into the Sales Math experience on Facebook Live.

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