Windshield Wisdom #79 - Embracing the Suck


Special credit to Cool Banker Ken for this week's catchy title.  The conversation was intense this week in the Banking Careers mastermind that I lead, with the role out of PPP, and some of the time, process, and customer challenges that popped up in the process. 

I was really proud of the discussion this group had.  They dug in together and focused on creating solutions to their frustrations...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Now is an extraordinary time to be a banker.  All of our customers are under some form of stress, and we're the gateway to a lot of the solutions.  The long days and nights we are putting in mean a lot to them.  

2.  It's our time to shine.  Cool Bankers are communicating through this process with their clients.  Sometimes calming nerves, sometimes giving the best information and timelines we have, and with luck giving lifelines that are keeping...

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Windshield Wisdom #78 - Are You A Grinder or Baller?


Right now there are two types of bankers in the world, grinders and least that's how it was put to me earlier today, and quite frankly I agree.  

We're living in an extraordinary time.  We're all in the same boat together, and yet there is no blueprint for what to do now, much less what comes next.

Here's what I do know, the people who are looking ahead, the bankers and business owners who are looking forward and blazing new paths through this difficult period, are the ones who are setting the trends everyone else will be racing to catch up to later.

So, which one are you? A grinder or a Baller...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1.  This is an extraordinary time in our society and in our profession.  It's ok to acknowledge that things aren't ok right now, and have those conversations with our clients and prospects.  Always focusing on being a source of reliable information and a...

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Windshield Wisdom #77 - What Do Your Customers Say About You?


Long ago, when I was first starting out… I learned the most important lesson of my career. 

It was a “meta” lesson and it was about my reputation and perception.

I thought about this recently when I was working with a client, and his entire personal brand was directly tied to the bank he worked for, and had little to do with his own value to their success.  

He and I sat down and discussed what he would like his customers to say about him, as well as did some research into what they're actually saying now...and that’s what this week’s video is all about:

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Whether you like it or not, you do have a personal brand in the marketplace you serve.  The big question is are you deliberately defining and influencing the perceptions others have of you, or are you letting it just happen?  

2.  Start by deciding what 3 words you would like your customers to use when describing you.  There are no...

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Windshield Wisdom #76 - Three Reasons Your Appearance Matters


Before you start typing hate mail after reading the title, don't worry, this isn't going to be that kind of fact, do me a favor and watch the video before you pass judgement.  

I'm not going to be talking about looks on a superficial level.  Not even a little bit.  

Here's the truth behind this video, sometimes the way we dress or manage our appearance DOES have an impact on an interaction, and if you know when those moments are you're a step ahead of the game...and that advantage is what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. When we look good, we feel good.  Whether it's our favorite "game-on" outfit, or a fresh haircut, a little extra confidence to go with that spring in your step can go a long way.  

2. People are influenced by people who trigger traditional cues and clues that show them to have Authority, and the way you're dressed can be a powerful first impression with the authority...

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Windshield Wisdom #75 - The Power of Thank You


Sometimes it's the little things that separate the winners in this business.

Let's be honest, we spend so much time focusing on the big parts of our jobs (which are all important too), that we often forget to explore other ideas that help customers move through the buying process faster and with more enthusiasm. 

Little ideas that make the big ones work even better.    

The best part is, sometimes the little things that make a giant difference are also easy to do...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.    

Three Big Takeaways:

1.  One of the hardest parts of being in business development is separating yourself as "not just another banker" in an incredibly competitive industry. 

2.  In order to make that your reality it's often the little things that will help you rise above the crowd.  Sending a hand written 'Thank You' card is a great way to add an exclamation point after a great meeting. 


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Windshield Wisdom #74 - The Difference Between Selling and Closing


Can I tell you a secret?  

Every time I'm speaking and someone asks me, "what's your favorite closing technique?" I throw up in my mouth a little.

Hard close. Soft close.  Assume close.  Franklin close.  I could go on and on and on...

You see, in most sales settings, closing deals actually has very little to do with which closing technique you use.   At that point you've likely already won or lost, and if you need to rely on a specific technique, then you probably didn't do the work up front.  

Great closers are usually the result of being a great opener...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. Great salespeople understand that selling is a process, an emotional journey, that we lead our prospects through.

2. They also understand that no one part of that process is more important than the other.  That the close doesn't matter without a successful open.  

3. And the...

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Windshield Wisdom #73 - Making Authentic Matter


This question came up at the end of a long Q&A session after a presentation I gave to a group of small business owners the other day...

"My boss keeps telling me that people buy from people they like.  How do I help my prospects and customers like me more?"

Me being me, I shared two stories.  One about a friend who told me to knock this off, and a second about a customer who told me he started doing this more, and it worked.  The common thread between the two was not the tip he expected.

All of a sudden, the connection between his bosses advice, and how he could bring it to life suddenly made complete sense...and that application of authentic is what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.  

Three Big Takeaways

1. Don't underestimate the power of likability as a powerful mental trigger for your customers and prospects, especially early in the relationship.  

2.  Yet so many people who have business development roles feel like they have...

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Windshield Wisdom #72 - Welcome to the Juice Box Club


Being judged by a prospect sucks.  

Being judged by a prospect based on nothing more than a first impression sucks more.  

Being judged by a prospect based on nothing more than a first impression, and they proceed to share their opinion with you, sucks most of all.  

When I first put this Windshield Wisdom together, I just thought it was a good story with a good lesson for all of us to learn.  Then last week the timing was right to bring it up with one of my Cool Bankers Academy classes (we were studying the types of buyers they will come across, and one of them is the Skeptic), and every single person on the Office Hours call had a story to tell, and what they did to overcome it.  

Those stories the Cool Bankers shared led me to realize this topic is more important than I first thought. We all experience unfair first impressions that aren't related to our skills and abilities, serious and joking.  It's how we respond in those...

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[ICYMI] Windshield Wisdom - Best of 2018 Edition

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2019

I've spent the last few days doing the research.  The numbers are crunched.  The tally is in.  

Before we get to the winners, I would be remiss if I didn't say thank you for being part of the Sales Math family.  I appreciate every one of the clicks, likes, comments, phone calls, and emails I counted for this exercise.  Every single one of them means a lot.  Keep em coming!

Here we go...Drumroll please...These are the most viewed Windshield Wisdom videos of 2018.  

#45 - 3 Strategies for Finding Customers You Actually Want

A few years ago a couple of non-banking friends of mine convinced me to do something I had been actively resisting...It’s a big part of how I built not just my success, but my team's success too, and you can use this idea to build YOUR banking career as well.

#58 - Game Changing Sales Tool

Every so often, major change comes along that completely rewrites the rules of engagement.  Believe it or not there's...

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Windshield Wisdom #71 - I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!


In last week's Windshield Wisdom we talked through before and during meeting strategies you can employ to help ensure your great prospects stay responsive, and continue to move forward through your pipeline.  

Based on the feedback you guys have shared, you agree that, in this case, the best offense is a good defense.  Click here to go back and start at part 1, The Great Disappearing Act of 2018.  

So, what happens when, despite all your planning, great value driven advice, and mutual commitments based on their timing (not yours) doesn't work and they still disappear anyway?  Listen, it's going to happen at some point, but a suddenly unresponsive prospect doesn't mean the deal is gone.  When that happens, I employ one of these three tactics to bring the occasional ghost back into the light...and that's what this week's Windshield Wisdom is all about.

Three Big Takeaways

1.  Sometimes, despite executing everything on your end perfectly, a...

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